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Meet the Team

Wahhaj Khan


Wahhaj enjoys sports, hiking, and spending time in the outdoors, along with indulging in desserts of all sorts. He grew up within our community and has 10+ years of experience in coordinating and organizing events/activities for Masjid al Salam, ISNA, many universities, and numerous other institutions. Employing his knowledge and skillset, he hopes to bring the youth together by working to his utmost potential.

Sana Hanif


Sana loves a good cup of iced coffee, nature, and helping others. She has remained a part of the Masjid al Salam community for many years and has contributed immensely to areas such as event planning and education. Using the skills and experience she has accumulated over the years, Sana hopes to make Masjid al Salam an inclusive and nurturing environment for all.

Hibah Ahmed

Finance Secretary

Currently studying Master's in Accounting at the University of St Thomas, Hibah serves as our Finance Secretary. She employs her knowledge of finance, mathematics and economics in managing OYD's budgetary expenditures and making sense of numbers behind the scenes. She loves spending all her time in nature and is enthusiastic about recreational outdoor activities.

Abeer Abbasi

Media Team, Instructor

Having moved around all her life, Abeer actively seeks to create and maintain enriching, and comfortable environments for her ever-changing communities. She takes great interest in literature of all kinds, especially Urdu prose and poetry. Her hobbies consist of composing and reciting poetry, reading, daydreaming about gulab jamun, and making bad jokes. In addition to being a part of OYD's Media Team, she serves as an instructor for the Weekend Islamic School. She hopes to contribute to making OYD a place where our youth are always acknowledged and welcomed.

Basel Alkhalily

Event Coordinator

Basel is a mechanical engineer and was one of the first Eagle Scouts from Masjid al Salam’s very own Troop 321. He spends his time building and manufacturing things along with partaking in outings such as camping, fishing, and climbing. He has continued to dedicate himself to conducting outdoor activities such as OYD's renowned bonfires and BBQs. He plans on assisting with a variety of other activities in the upcoming future as well, in shā Allāh.

Fares Al-Salim

Event Coordinator, Instructor

An alumnus of the Shaykh Mamdouh Youth Mentorship program, Fares is a youth leader who strives in educating our youth and bettering the community as a whole. One such example would be his latest lecture series Enter My Jannah: Journey & Life in Paradise, a thorough explanation of one's life in Paradise and the journey one must tread upon to attain it. He continues to study directly under Shaykh Mamdouh and hopes to use his experience and skills in helping OYD grow and succeed.

Maryam Altaf

Media Team, Event Coordinator

Maryam is a college freshman who is passionate about helping out her community in any way she can. She has remained a contributor for The Core, an event coordinator for the youngest of us, and a crucial part of OYD's Media Team. She believes in elegance, hard work, and organization, and fittingly, is an expert at the art of calligraphy, which she recently shared with us during her Calligraphy Workshop. She enjoys reading, writing, the arts, spending time with her family and friends, and making good memories all around the world. 

Humza Baig

Media Team Lead, Event Coordinator

Humza, an avid admirer of the color green and Batman, has remained an active part of Masjid al Salam’s community throughout the years. Though preferring to stay as far away from the limelight as possible in classic Batman-fashion, he continually assists in coordinating, planning, and figuring out the logistics of events behind the scenes, and is an asset to OYD as its Media Team Lead.

Areebah Dawood

Volunteer Coordinator, Event Coordinator

A second-year student attending the University of Houston, Areebah assists in planning and executing the OYD's monthly activities. She is a part-time EMT and in her free time, she enjoys trying out new recipes. As one of the younger members of the committee, she hopes to increase participation from kids her age and bring back her own childhood memories she made right here at the Masjid! She actively conducts events such as the Champions Girls' Group to help others in making their own fond memories that they'll cherish in the years to come, in shā Allāh!

Hasan Hatamleh

Event Coordinator

Hasan is one of the event organizers for the OYD. His passion lies in automobiles of all sorts. Employing this interest of his coupled with a hands-on approach towards problem-solving, he plans on helping the younger generation learn the basics of automobiles–from their manufacturing to their maintenance–by way of conducting classes, seminars, or whatever fits best for the youth, in shā Allāh!

Aisha Hussain

Event Coordinator, Instructor

From the Weekend Islamic School to initiatives like Sakinah Sisters, Aisha remains active in the educational, social, and outreach departments at OYD. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Houston and is now pursuing her graduate degree at Texas A&M University. Some of her passions include calligraphy, psychology, poetry, and the Islamic sciences. She hopes to encourage herself and others to learn the deen, and unapologetically live our lives according to it.

Elham Kardani

Event Coordinator

Having graduated from the Shaykh Mamdouh Youth Mentorship program, Elham previously served as the Sisters’ Secretary for the youth department. She graduated from Texas A&M as a marketing major, and presently works as a Marketing Manager for HP. She also appreciates nature immensely and enjoys baking in her free time—having successfully managed to make a business out of it, alhamdulillāh! She hopes to use her skill set and experience to help create a safe environment for everyone to feel welcome in and continue to learn, and study our beautiful deen.

Thuba Khalid

Event Coordinator, Instructor

Thuba, a graduate of Texas A&M University, serves as the other half of Sakinah Sisters, often seen actively engaging in and moderating discussions on contemporary issues, mental health, and more. On Sundays, she is an instructor for the Weekend Islamic School's Critical Approach Youth Class. She loves to hike and bake, and hopes to help young Muslim women and men build a strong foundation of faith.

Musa Khan

Event Coordinator, Instructor

Personal development is something Musa takes seriously, which is why he enjoys doing things that are challenging. Some of his hobbies include submission grappling, MMA, hiking, farming, reading, and teaching. He studied Arabic grammar, morphology, and eloquence at Bayyinah Institute after graduating from high school, and is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree with a focus on cyber security. He tries his best to continuously study and implement the deen in an attempt to better himself and his community. He partakes in event planning and coordinating, along with serving as the mastermind behind OYD's Grappling Club and an instructor for the Weekend Islamic School.

Rayyan Moton

Volunteer Coordinator, Event Coordinator

A recent graduate from Texas A&M University, Rayyan enjoys spicy cuisine and considers hot sauce to be no less than a staple in his meals. He continues to expand his efforts in recruiting and training upcoming volunteers, in an effort to make the Masjid a place where everyone feels welcome!

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